love story in english heart touching, short love story, HE & SHE

Love Story in English Heart Touching, Short Love Story, HE & SHE

The two had been in love for 2 months. She was very angry today, she spoke angrily ...

She : The biggest mistake I made in my life was marrying you.

He: You found out today.

She: Yes, if I had known earlier, this time would not have come to me.

He: I think so too.

She: Aren't you ashamed to say that?

He: What a shame.

She: There is no point in talking to you. You are shameless.

That's why he speaks when she takes off her clothes

He: Can I help?

She: No, I don't need to.

He: Well, there is money, isn't there?

She: You don't have to worry about me.

He: Are you really going?

She: Do you find it funny?

He: ok ok go.

She: She is going.

She packed her bags and left.

She was standing in the doorway, she didn't look back.

She was walking. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. She looked back and saw the door closed and he had gone into the house. She ran to the door and started shouting loudly ...

She: Oh, I'm not going, plz open the door.

Still the door was not open. She panicked. The heartbeat increased and tears flowed from the eyes.

She started knocking on the door crying

At that moment he opened the door and she kissed him

And she started crying in his arms and started saying sorry, he also started wiping her tears

He: I agree that I can't meet your expectations but I am ready to do whatever I want for your happiness I try to keep you happy

Love you so much

Because you are my life, I live for you, and if you are not, tell me what to do with my life

She: sorry never do that again

I will never leave you

I will eat grass filled with your love

If you are hungry, I will be hungry too

I will give you everything I have.

After saying this, the two of them hugged each other once again and both of them started supporting each other in happiness and sorrow and holding each other's hands.

There should be a person in life who is as supportive in happiness as he is in sorrow

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love story in english heart touching, short love story, HE & SHE

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