Take care of my eyes : Very Sad Love Story

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There was a boy once! Who loved a girl more than her life! Even his family never supported him, yet he continued to love that girl but the girl could not see anything meaning it was blind!

The girl always kept telling the boy why you love me so much! I can not use any of your work, I cannot give you the love that someone else will give.

But that boy always kept comforting him that you will be fine. You will be my first love and you will stay again for a few years.

The boy gets the girl operated on with his money. The girl could see everything after the operation, but it shows that the boy was blind as well, then the girl says that I cannot love you. You are blind and I cannot choose a blind man as my life partner. I have no future with you, then the boy smiles and starts leaving and his last words are to take care of my eyes

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