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This gentleman, born in January 1992 in Ranchi, a small district of Jharkhand, and I was born a year after this. Vikash Rathore is the name of my friend will have a distance of about 800 or 900 meters in his house and our government quarters. We both used to study in the same school but it was a class ahead of me, initially our friendship was not so special. Just knew from the face that it was not like to meet so much because it was of some mood swings and I was a bit of a nerd type. Vikash used to have a video game at that time. In which we used to play Pubg game, I started coming to his house.

Just like this friendship started going on, but the connection that did not happen came in the 7th year of life because friends, this was the year when new people came to live in my neighborhood who had two girls. Since all my friends used to come to my house, Vikash also used to come, as in that time love was common in eyes. And look at Concoction, these girls also enrolled in our school and in my class. Now I was the only means for Vikash to talk to the girl in school on the pretext of drinking water, but after school, she used to be friends. Somebody, letter or gift used to move from here to there. The most fun was when we had to take greeting cards, adding pie pie in advance for a month, we would make our position worthy of entering the card gallery, then tied a handkerchief on my mouth, I used to go crazy on the full height cycle of my Atlas Because you don't know at which point you can find a bastard friend. And in school, I had seen them buying greeting cards.

Friends, for me to help my friend and love for him was nothing less than a paradise. We were a routine of people, every evening we used to play cricket outside my house as many friends of the colony. And watch my friends, my friend Vikash's love for watching cricket and his siblings would all sit on my quater's Riya, it was nothing less than an ordeal. Because love is in front of performance, if you want to do well then brother Vikash Bhaiya could see the gulls flying while bowling inswing out. , A smile of his would make Vikash Bhaiya's evening.

Friends, this was the golden period of my friend Vikash's love life, after this the Mahabharata period begins. Now since Bhabhiji was an item, there were many more friends who started burning with us because they were also in the line, but what to do, Bhabhiji and Vikash Bhaiya's heart had got together. What was it now? Vikash and I used to go to the colony every evening and all friends used to gather at a small bridge outside my house. And sister-in-law also used to roam in the boundary of her house, now Vikash and I used to beat my heart with friends and then make excuses after a while. And if we used to do at least 10 rounds of the colony, then it was a matter of health that both of us were the best fit in the colony.

This beautiful moment in Vikash's life lasted for a few days, then he also started seeing friends, his friends were on one side and both of us were on one side, but friends, this was not a dangerous enmity. When the girl came, the friend got out of hand. Due to this, one day they all surrounded us together and the most unique thing for me was that one of them was also my elder brother, they all gave ultimatum together and henceforth both of you will not roam the colony. Now, tell me what we would have done, would we have been torn …… No, Vikash was not a lover, he said, the brother will roam daily, do whatever he wants to do and after seeing him, I got excited and I was with my brother. Ja Bheeda who was a member of our opposing team.

Now, what would the emphasis be on our own people, neither brother said, do not come in the middle, this is my friend, the colony belongs to all of us, we will roam just then, all these people became anti-people of both of us, these people also started following us. Started commenting. brother in law! After that day, it seemed that someone trapped in the goons would come and save her. This went on for several days, then both of us sat down and thought deeply about it and reconciled with all our friends and got everything right. After this, this series of love went well for 3 years, Holi, Diwali, Valentine's Day all came out cool

Then when we came in class 10, I got married so much! It was not a matter of time. Child marriage was common at that time, and Bapu's Bapu also built Ranchi house. He also came to Ranchi. The two hearts went away because at that time mobiles were not near children. So with their love Vikash did not have any means to talk, so in this way this love story broke his heart here. But Vikash did not break because he had chosen the maths subject in class eleventh, so he spent all the grief of getting away from his girlfriend in passing the maths of the eleventh, twelfth. And Vikash took admission in engineering and came to Ranchi. And in the same year my father also retired, now I chose Maths in the class of innocent eleven.

Now I had a problem in front of me, then I rented a room in Vikash's house and read my heart

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PUBG : Story of love with Friend very Sad Story | PUBG Game

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