Very Sad love Story : Riya and Ronak ! Sad love Story : 2020

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Riya and Ronak have been in love for Six years Is ...

They get to know each other better 

Ronak's family also knows about his love

Consent to marriage, but Riya to Ronak's father

I don't like it very much ....

Ronak's father with high blood pressure

The trouble is, one day when no one is home, Ronak's

Dad had a heart attack ....

Fortunately, Riya reached there at that time, this of her father

Seeing the situation, she got a little confused ....

She immediately called Ronak and told him about her father's condition

The father started shouting loudly, scared by the same shout

Riya's mobile phone fell down ...

As Riya stopped talking, Ronak came here due to his father's condition

Worried, he hurried home ....

When he is home

When he arrived, his father was dead, all

Neighbors, mother and Riya were also there ....

Ronak's father

Completely drowned in grief, after some time on them

The funeral was held ....

A few days later

Riya's meeting with Ronak was completely reduced ...

Her attitude towards him had changed, and one

One day she came to him and said, I will never see you again, and you will try to meet me.

Don't ...

I fell in love with another boy, and we

We are getting married soon, by ...!

Riya has a different look in her eyes as she speaks

Ronak didn't know why she was talking like that

With her words, however, his green world was revealed

It happens ....

It was like a sudden break up of a Six year relationship

Absolutely hurt, her passing

He stared at the shadow behind him with wide eyes

There were holes ...

In a few days he will hate Riya

He started burning all her gifts, to her

Trying to forget from the heart, from her memories

Pusu began, and one day indeed Riya's memories

He was buried in a corner of his mind.

He got busy with his own work ....

Small small

Began to find satisfaction in things .....

After six months

Ronak just sat tampering with his mobile

Was ....

Now he was a successful businessman, listening to old call recordings in his mobile ....

At that point

He got a recording of one of Riya's calls ....


It was his father's death call

A shock to him when he heard it properly

Sit down, because that's when Riya got her phone

He was still running when he fell down, and he

The call was recorded, it could be heard clearly

When Ronak's father breathed his last

Riya had promised to stay away from Ronak

Hearing this

He realized his mistake ...

That's it

Khadkan stood up from the place and went to Riya's house

Gone ....

The house was locked .....

To a passing pedestrian

He asked about it, the pedestrian said

That, she was strangled in the same house six months ago


The police also committed suicide

I don't know why, but maybe she's bored with life

Must have committed suicide .... 

Hearing this, Ronak's grief deepened

Abhal was robbed, sang love for four days, but she died


Indeed, the sacrifices she made did not go unnoticed

Ronak became aware and, Ronak in her memory, her

Tears welled up in my eyes and I started crying loudly .............

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Love Story : 2020

Very Sad love Story : Riya and Ronak ! Sad love Story : 2020

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