Love Story (Isha Truth Love Story) 2021

The month must have been just like November-December. The sky was clear and light sunshine had come out. We were enjoying the sun with our friends sitting on the college premises, today we were throwing things here and there when my attention was fixed near the main gate of the college.

A light blue sweater, yellow salwar suit, and turning her silky hair was coming forward.  

Light sunlight falling on his face and the red dot of his liver was in amazing bloom. When she came near me, my eyes were wide open.

Hey! This is Isha

His name suddenly came out of my mouth. I had proposed to Nisha many times but still had not received any reply from her. She was neither denied nor agreed.

She simply avoided smiling. This was the reason why my friends used to tell me that Isha also loves you, only then she does not deny you.

He had confessed my love and in a few days, we both hugged each other. For the first time, a rose of love was blooming on barren land for centuries. All directions had fallen in this color of love.

 Now we had become famous in the entire college like Laila Majnu, all our friends started calling her as sister-in-law. After this, we both had fun together many times, sometimes in this park or sometimes in that park. When we used to take him on our bike and take him out on the streets of Ahmedabad, then the eyes of all the people would be on us. But there was a time when our college was coming to an end. We were afraid of being separated, we were getting different ideas in mind.

           Sometimes when we both got married, sometimes we used to be afraid of our family's decision.

 When our college was over, we both returned to our hometown but his memories made it difficult to live here.

     I did not feel like doing anything for many days, just used to think about it and sometimes looked at his pictures in sadness.

I was the eldest of my siblings, due to which responsibilities are formed after studying that I should work as soon as possible.

I too slowly started trying to forget everything to fulfill my duty. Meanwhile, I got a job offer from a good company. Isha must have forgotten me in these days, this kind of thought came many times in my mind. But I used to think how she must have forgotten me when I could not forget her.

 The heart wanted me to forget everything and go to him, but the responsibilities were firmly on me.

 I half-heartedly went to interview for the job. I had no interest in this job but still went for that job. As the water of the rivers goes towards the sea without thinking, in the same way I was also going without thinking.

 Now I had reached the office for the interview. Many people were sitting in the office for the interview. I also started waiting for my turn. Isha's memories were being eaten there and a different kind of seclusion was being done. Just as the sunflower flowers wither away after the sun sets, my condition was similar to mine after Isha's departure. Was sitting with people but still, here I was feeling alone.

Saying "OK", I lightly pushed the office door and went inside.

 A light white man with big eyes, a big face, hard question and face were sitting on the chair.

  He gestured me to sit down, after which he asked "What's the name?"

 "Yes, Lalit Darji" I said.

 After this, he asked many questions, which I answered with complete confidence.

 He also asked some weird questions like - what does your father do? How many siblings are you? Apart from these questions, I asked many more questions, but I have given the answer to all the questions very accurately.

"Do you love anyone?" I was shocked to hear his question.

Who asks such a question for a good job! I thought it appropriate to answer this question silently. Hearing this question, it seemed that this job interview seemed less and marriage interview more.

"You like me very much," he said.

Called someone by pressing the ring bell button with his right hand.

"Take these to Madam's cabin," he said after the man arrived. I walked towards the other cabin with the man.

 I was thinking "I will get a job or have to return like this!"

 If you get a job then it is good otherwise. When I went inside the other cabin, I heard a voice saying, "Sir, say how much salary will you take?"

 When I sat in the chair you saw my eyes were wide open and lightning ran throughout my body.

 Isha was sitting there with a slight smile on her face. I kept looking at Isha a bit shocked when she said to me "Why did you go to Sahab Chowk?"

 I said "Isha! You?"

What did you think we forgot you? I used to miss you as much as you used to.

Then both of us hugged each other. For a few moments, we were lost in a different world. It seemed that a bankrupt person had got all his property back.

 Isha said that the company belongs to her father and Isha herself had made an offer for my job by speaking.

 Because Isha had spoken to her father about me and father wanted to meet her.

 Now both of us had met, after which both of us were married to the consent of our family.

 Today, both of us are together by giving a promise to live together till birth.

I am very happy that I have got my first love and pray to God, I will find the same loving Isha in the next life also.

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