Husband & Wife Answer & Question || Funny Story : 2020

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Wife : Listen, if I die, will you remarry?

Husband :  no, no, I can't even think like that ..

Wife : Why not, there must be someone who shares your grief all your life !!!

Husband : OK I will marry another for you

Wife : Will you share my room with her?

Husband : no, in that room, there are memories of you and me

Wife : Will you give me my car?

Husband : No, I will give him another car, I will keep it in your memory with that car.

Wife : Will you give her my jewelry?

Husband : No, it's never yours, it's yours and it will be yours

Wife : You bring me imported jeans every anniversary day. Would you let me wear my jeans?

Husband : it doesn't happen ..... her waist is 30 and yours is 36 ....

All silent

O sheet ...

The husband has 10 stitches on his head and has lost his memory. !!!! !!

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Husband & Wife Answer & Question || Funny Story : 2020

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