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Due to drought in one village, all the people of the village were very upset, their crops were getting spoiled, children were dying of hunger and thirst and they could not understand how to solve this problem.

A scholar Mahatma lived in the same village.

The villagers decided to go to them and ask for a solution to this problem, everyone went to the Mahatma and told them all their problems in detail, Mahatma said that you all give me a week's time, I will tell you to find some solution. I am

The villagers said that it is fine and went away from the Mahatma.

A week passed but the sage Mahatma could not find any solution and he told the villagers that now only God can help you all by sitting above.

Now everyone started worshiping God to please God, and God listened to them all and he sent one of his messengers to the village.

Upon reaching the village, the messenger told all the villagers that “If you all see every lotta milk in that well near the village tonight, it will rain heavily in your village from tomorrow and all your problems will go away." After saying this, the messenger left there.

The villagers were very happy and everyone agreed to pour milk in that move but there was a stingy person living in the same village. He thought that everyone would add milk only. If I put a lot of water instead of milk, then who knows? About to walk

After pouring milk in the well at night, all the villagers woke up in the morning waiting for the rain to happen but the weather looked the same and there was no possibility of rain.

After waiting for the rain for a long time, everyone went to that well and when they looked in that well, the well was full of water and there was not even a drop of milk in that oven.

Everyone looked at each other and understood why it had not rained yet.

And that is because, like that stingy person, all the villagers also thought that everyone will add milk, what difference is there with my pouring a lot of water.

And in the same round, no one put a single drop of milk in the well and filled the well with water.

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