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He was a young business man. he was married few months back. she was rich with to her husband
"I will be on foreign tour for few months. i will be back as soon as possible. "he said 
"is it a must?" she asked
"yes a must? i can't but to go with my partners"
"who are your partner
He said the names of his company directors
"All men, are there no woman?"
He looked at her with a little doubt. she was a woman of average thinking, he smiled
"there are three woman also" he said
"shall i come with you"
"Not possible it is a company tour"
Wife was silent. he went on his foreign tour
few months passed
wife spent every day without him as one year. these few months appealed to her as few year

one day, her husband called from the foreign county
"i am coming by tomorrow night
"how are you"
" i am fine
wife was happy for husband is returning
"what do  you want as gift"
husband smiled 
" okey i will bring something i like for you"
wife smiled. she did not say anything

other day husband returned. he brought a diamond necklace and a lot of foreign clothes for her.
"How did you spend you time there?
wife's question made him think for a while
"it's nice. The climate is well. lot of fun"
"Nice did you remember me at least one night there?'
He looked in her eyes.
"what is the use of remembering you? you are here and i am there"
"what did you do in my absence?
"Nothing, your dreams made me feel hot"
"I don't believe you"
"what shall i do to make you believe?
" i want you medically tested."
"medically? where?
"Yes, medically in my friend's hospital"
He known that her friend was a doctor and she had her own clinic. there was one thing that his wife did not know. her doctor friend was in love with her husband before her marriage and they are like close friends.
on the other day she took her husband to the clinic. she expressed her doubts and asked her friend to test her husband.
He smiled looking at his wife's doctor friend and she smiled in return.
Negative report came. she was happy.
"I doubted you. you are as pure as you were before your foreign tour"
wife appreciated husband.
After few months, both asked to be tested again and result is positive in test she remembered her mistake of meeting "him" while her husband was in foreign tour.

Husband did not believe the result and he got again tested in another big clinic.
Here they are reported negative. they are happy. he
stopped going to the clinic of his wife's friend.

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