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Last Valentines day (2019), he threw away her precious love and walked away from her life. she was left in a state of shock and dismay. upset over his reckless action, she felt orphaned. She decided that if ever he happens to come back, she would reject him mercilessly, for he was too tough on her slender feelings. Nobody except him knew why he did that. it was not she was too weak for her. however, he couldn't find much about him and therefore, he didn't propose to her right away. intend he reasoned her why he had to leave. He convinced her that by any means, he is far better than any other guy who would come with a flower or a courtesy hand shake. He took all the efforts to show her that his life is incomplete without her and that she needs none but him. his effort to convince and comfort his love ran for days and weeks and then on one fine morning, he proposed to her with all honesty, pride, hope love and faith. for her, she had found her true love in him the very moment he decided not to propose but to reason with her why he had to leave. That was what she wanted. She wanted to know why he left. She accepted him again ; this time in a more beautiful way. This Valentines Day (2020), exactly a year later, he promised her a 
never before world class ride to bliss and now she is setting herself go.

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