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As I'm writing this it's a bit late and all the lights are on and all the tv's are on and anything that can play music is on. It helps to distract you from what's going on around you. You never feel alone when you have the tell on, for some reason, or a radio playing. It also helps drawn out the strange stuff that's happening. When the lights are on and there is noise in the background it keeps the scariness away. It seems to come out of the darkness. 

Me and my wife Julie wanted to get away from it all. We never had kids, just dog's that we treated like kids. We are finding ourselves getting on in years. Worked hard all our lives and just wanted to relax.

So we decided to move. Find somewhere out & of the way. Something isolated. After weeks of searching we finally found what we were looking for.

It was perfect. Cheap. In fact it was seriously cheap. I thought it was because there was something wrong with the house. Whatever it was we had the money to fix it. So I thought 

Everything was on bored. The house was perfect. Big kitchen, Dining room, living area, five big bedrooms with a few hidden extras. What caught my Interest was the cellar. It was big. It had so much potential. It also had a creepy hidden door that I couldn't get open. Can't wait to see what's behind. It felt like it was Christmas and I was ten again.

We had all our stuff moved over to the house. It was going to be our first night in the place. All I had to do was wait for Julie to arrive with the dog's.

As I was unpacking stuff. I took a chance to explore the house. There was a door I was interested in down in the cellar. I noticed it the last time we were checking out the house but it was locked. I grabbed my crowbar. I get down to the cellar, as I make my way down the stairs, I got the creepiest feeling something was watching me from the dark corners of the cellar.

The door was solid. It appeared to be nailed shut. What ever was behind it they wanted kept away from prying eyes. After about an hour or two I finally get the door open. It was an empty room. The room was empty apart from  a sheet of wood on the floor that seemed to be covering something. I go grab my flashlight. I got my fingers in under the sheet to flip it up. It weighed a ton but managed to flip it.

I was stunned to see it was covering a large hole. A bottomless pit first sprung to mind. I shine the flashlight into the hole, it wasn't a bottomless pit. But it was deep enough that if you fell in you weren't getting out without any help. Then “Silence of the Lambs” sprung  to mind. I stood there for a few minutes pondering over what the purpose the hole had. It seemed so strange and pointless. As I stand there peering into the darkness of the hole, I could of swore I heard something whispering from the darkness, it was so faint, echoes from wind getting into the cellar from somewhere I thought. I heard a car pull up from outside the house, it was Julie with the dog's. So as I was leaving the room to go up to Julie. I heard it, I could swear I heard the words “Help Me” rise up from the hole. I just shrugged it off as Julie was calling me from up stairs.

When I got up stairs she was still outside with the dog's. “They are acting strange” she tells me as she tried to settle them. It was the house, they were scared of the house. I tried my best to get them to go into the house but they wouldn't go near the place. They were big old black Labradors about Thirteen years old. We got them as a pair and called them Sprinter and Polly. From the moment we had them we kept them as house dogs and the older they got the more they liked to relax in doors, so this was very unusual for them. The house came with a small outhouse and they seemed fine with it. They seemed happier to be away from the house.

After we late and the dogs were settled in the outhouse. We decided to make our bedroom somewhat comfortable till we get more settled. It was getting late

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