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If you were to ask my mom whether or not she believes in ghosts she would emphatically say no. Then, almost as if directly contradicting herself, she would tell you about something she witnessed as a child. As my mom tells it, this story is real and has been corroborated by her father (my grandfather) and friend.

It was summer in the small, rural Southern Pennsylvania town. That meant school was out and it was a prime time for two 13-14 year old girls to have a sleepover. This particular night they decided to stay at my mom's house. It was a beautiful small house that was tucked in the woods outside of town about a mile from any other houses. They had a 30ft long driveway leading from a lonely road which was illuminated only by a single lamp. 

On this night, my mom and her friend wanted to sleep outside. They had a tent, but that was too boring. Instead, they dragged every blanket that wasn't being used outside to her trampoline in the front yard. This is where my mom, her friend, and my mom's poodle (named Joey) stayed for the night. Eventually after hours of bouncing around and talking they fell asleep.

Everyone was sleeping soundly until late at night when Joey started barking and growling. His teeth were bared in a snarl and curiously he was facing the road. Obviously, this display woke the two girls. Trying to calm Joey down, my mom was petting him and asking him what was the matter but it was not working. Joey jumped off of the trampoline and ran towards the road where there was now a woman entering the light cast by the lamp. As any good dog owner would do, my mom hopped off of the trampoline and chased her dog towards the person. She got to the lamp and grabbed her dog, apologizing profusely to the woman. The woman did not react in the slightest. When my mom looked up at the woman she was shocked at how old the woman appeared to be. She appeared to be about 80-90 years old and had her grey hair in a tight bun. Even stranger was the fact that this woman was wearing a red, old-timey dress that would have been more appropriate to the civil war era, not the 1970's. Being polite and a little nervous, my mother continued to address the woman but got no response. The woman stared straight ahead

As my mom was standing there in confusion, another figure slowly walked into the lamplight and stood right next to the woman. This time it was a young man who, as my mom describes him was, "About 20 years old and very handsome." He was wearing a black suit which, like the woman's outfit, was out of its time. Without a word to my mother, the young man linked arms with the old woman. Turning together, they faced the road and walked out of the light and into the dark. My mom never heard or saw from them again.

It is easy to think that it must have been people pranking two teenage girls or that my mom made it up, but there are several reasons that is unlikely. First, my mom lived in a small town where everybody knew everybody. Those strangers were not familiar to her. Second, her house was secluded about a mile away from other houses and no cars were seen or heard leaving the area. Third, my mom's friend was woken up by Joey barking, as well as her father. Both of them saw the people standing in the lamplight.

So yeah mom, I'm thinking ghosts might be a thing. 

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