When a married woman falls in love with a boy

There is no expectation of love yet ...

I did not have any expectations of love anymore, but I did not once have loved one's love, but the problem I fell in love was not our staster. I was married but it was also in Long Distances Relationship that my city away from my home I was alone and in my family we went to each other to talk to each other very close to each other and go closer to each other.

Did you know that the relationship will not last long but ......

I spent a single moment with him in my memories, as if I had previously felt that our relationship is not a long time, I do not know of myself. I was really in love with him or I was a wham. I asked myself this question, but after all this confrontation I came to the decision that I am happy with whatever she is, that's why I believe that I have put my relationships in front of me. No witnesses did my love was sikrta and he knew the importance of our relationship

-The questions in love are not true or false

However, in the love of which I was mad, I failed to understand that our relationship was not a true fault, but what we were experiencing each other was that I had to accept that there was something special between our two that I did not have any control over any of them and I wanted to share this experience and love with the whole world. We want to tell Dhan but we have a hidden fear in us

-I know that the world would never accept as soon as possible

We knew that this world will never accept our love and we will get its punishment. I was a Daredevil in our alliance and I had a sense of acceptance of truth but I did not prepare what I thought I was all about. The ideal man was seen, I realized that his filling was not as strong as I am

- Suddenly a phone call came

I was on vacation after months of heartwarming. I did not have it from my memories. At the same time my vaccine was the first day, suddenly my phone rang and scone crossed her number. I lost my heartbeat, it was not a regular collar that I I would tell you that even though I miss the bus, I received the phone with this thought and I got to hear that it was possible to land under my feet. He told me that his transfer request was complete and he left the city [Joy was in Jay's hometown. There was no joy in moving away from me. I was not affected by going away from me but it was a sad fact that on what I longed for I did not have any effect in moving away from me. I did not even get two words from her mouth. I shouted, 'I am crying in my life.' Like the mirrors, he also gave me many promises, which I knew was not perfect, but hoped that he would probably come out of the clayI am completely closed for sleeping  in the night but also It's been a matter of two months since I went  away. I still read whatapp messages I still keep watching. I am listening to the song, I am listening to the song. I do not know when I close my eyes for the night, but I do not know why, I do not know if it gets in front of the eyes and the corners of the whole are wet

- I do not love it today but ...

I do not know whether he will spend his life in his city like that of his girlfriend. I do not know if he remembers those moments that he spent with him but not with tears of smile but might smile, It is a pleasure to say that I have adopted such a stage of life that he made me a strong woman. Today, maybe he does not love me and I too But still I was not ready for it to be boundless love. .....

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